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Michael Herbener is a seasoned videographer, story producer and award-winning documentary filmmaker. 


He is the editor and co-producer of Duk County | Peace is in Sight in the New South Sudan which chronicles rampant cataract blindness in the wake of Sudan’s 40-year civil war. The film world-premiered in Telluride, Colorado winning both the Indomitable Spirit Award and Moving Mountains Prize and toured the U.S. wining a total of nine festival awards, with special screenings at the United Nations and at the Lincoln Center in New York. 


Michael has extensive experience working for commercial clients delivering outstanding branded video content for multinational companies like Oracle. Michael has also produced video productions in Tanzania, chronicling cataract blindness, and in Rwanda on the effects of Malaria on rural communities. 


He’s also produced films in Guatemala, Mexico, Nepal and other countries around the world.

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